User Model

Property nameTypeDescription
idintID of the user. Generated automatically by the server after user creation.
full_namestringUser's full name.
emailstringUser's email.
loginstringUser's login.
phonestringUser's phone number.
websitestringUser's website url.
created_atdatetimeDate & time when record was created, filled automatically.
updated_atdatetimeDate & time when record was updated, filled automatically.
last_request_attimestampDate & time when a user sent the last request, filled automatically.
external_user_idintID of the user in the external system (External User ID).
facebook_idstringID of the user's Facebook account.
twitter_idstring(Deprecated) ID of user's Twitter account.
blob_idintID of the file/blob. Generated automatically by the server after file/blob creation.
custom_datastringUser's additional info.
user_tagsstringUser's tags. Comma separated array of tags.
allow_sales_activitiesboolean(Deprecated) Marketing info.
allow_statistics_analysisboolean(Deprecated) Marketing info.
age_over16boolean(Deprecated) GDPR info.
parents_contactsstring(Deprecated) GDPR info.