Class Model

Field nameTypeDescription
_idstringID of the class. Generated automatically by the server after class creation.
application_idintID of the application.
user_idintID of the user who created the class.
namestringName of the class.
custom_fieldsarray of objectsArray of custom fields.
custom_fields.namestringName of a custom field.
custom_fields.typestringType of a custom field. Possible values are: Integer, Float, String, Boolean, File, Date, Location.
custom_fields.is_arraystringFlag which identifies if a custom field has array type. Possible values are: is_array=0, is_array=1.
aclnested objectAccess control list, a list of permissions attached to some object (permissions).
acl.readnested objectRetrieve and read the info about the chosen record permission.
acl.updatenested objectUpdate record params permission.
acl.deletenested objectDelete records permission.
acl.createnested objectCreate records permission.


You can create a Class via API only for the Account owner token, not for a regular API user.