Create Session

Creates an application or user session.

Create application session
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Create user session
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Create session with Firebase phone number
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Learn more about QuickBlox session token in the Application vs User session token section.

Application session

To create an application session you need to pass the required parameters only.

User session

To create a user session you need to pass extra parameters together with the required parameters. Take a look at five types of user authentication and their respective extra parameters below:

  • Login and password. user[login] and user[password].
  • Email and password. user[email] and user[password].
  • Social. provider=facebook, keys[token], and keys[secret] .
  • Firebase phone number. provider=firebase_phone, firebase_phone[project_id], and firebase_phone[access_token].
  • Custom identity provider. user[login] and user[password]. Learn more about custom identity provider authentication from our guide.