Event Model

Property nameTypeDescription
idintID of the event. Generated automatically by the server after event creation.
notification_channelnested objectDeclare which notification channels could be used to notify user about events.
notification_channel.namestringNotification channel name. Possible values are: apns, apns_voip, gcm, and email.
event_typestringEvent type. Possible values are:
- one_shot - a one-time event caused by an external object (valid only if the date is not specified).
- fixed_date - a one-time event that occurs at a specified date (valid only if the date is specified).
- period_date - is a reusable event that occurs within a given period from the initial date (valid only if the period is specified).

- one_shot - if date is not specified.
- fixed_date - if date is specified.
- period_date - if period is specified.
messagestringEncoded message payload. Possible values are: Base64 encoded plain text or push notification payload (Push notifications formats).
dateintThe date when event should be sent.
If event_type=fixed_date, value of date can not be in the past.
periodintA period of the event in seconds.
namestringA name of the event. Service information. Only for your own usage.
occured_countintA number of times the event was sent.
created_atdatetimeDate & time when a record was created, filled automatically.
updated_atdatetimeDate & time when a record was updated, filled automatically.
end_dateintA date when the event was completed. Must be not less than the date.
activebooleanMarks the event as active/inactive.
application_idintID of the application.
user_idintID of the user who created the event.
kindstringKind of the event.
Possible values are: API, DashBoard, and ChatAlert.
environmentstringAn environment of the notification.

Possible values are: development and production.
tag_querystringSelect event recipients by tags.