Subscription Model

Property nameTypeDescription
idintID of the subscription. Generated automatically by the server after subscription creation.
notification_channelnested objectDeclare which notification channels could be used to notify user about events.
notification_channel.namestringNotification channel name. Possible values are: apns, apns_voip, gcm, email.
devicenested objectDevice details which subscribes to receive notifications.
device.client_identification_sequencestringUnique hash to identify a client device in 3rd party service such as APNS or GCM/FCM. Initially retrieved from 3rd service and should be sent to QuickBlox to let it consequently send push notifications to the client.
device.platformnested objectA platform of a device that is a source of the application running.
device.platform.namestringPlatform name. Possible values are: ios and android.
device.bundle_identifierstringA unique identifier for client's application.
In iOS, this is a Bundle Identifier.
In Android, a package ID.
device.udidstringUDID (Unique Device Identifier) of a device, which is the source of application running. This must be any sequence identifying a particular device. This is needed to support schema: 1 User => Multiple devices.