The QuickBlox UIKit for iOS is a comprehensive user interface kit specifically designed for building chat applications. It provides a collection of pre-built components, modules, and utilities that simplify the process of creating chat applications.

The main goal of the QuickBlox UIKit for iOS is to offer developers a streamlined and efficient way to implement chat functionality within their iOS applications.

The QuickBlox UIKit for iOS offers modules that encapsulate complex chat functionalities, such as dialogs and chat management and real-time updates. These modules provide a simplified interface for integrating chat features into applications without the need for extensive knowledge of the underlying protocols or server-side infrastructure.


  • QuickBlox UIKit for iOS provides next functionality:
  • List of dialogs
  • Create dialog(Private or Group)
  • Dialog screen
  • Send text, image, video, audio, file messages
  • Dialog info screen
  • List, invite, remove members

Source code

You can find QuickBlox UIKit for IOS source code here


Quick start using our UIKitSample.

For a quick start using the features of the QuickBlox iOS UI Kit, we recommend checking out our UIKitSample.

This sample implements authorization functionality and provides an example of color theme customization. This sample already has a QuickBlox iOS UI Kit connected as a Swift Package. How to set up and run a sample, see Quick Start with a UIKitSample