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Learn how to store and access files with QuickBlox file storage.

The content module allows storing rich chat attachments, app content, and settings without having to republish them. Using a web interface you or your clients can control and make instant changes to the apps.

Retrieve files

Get a list of files for a current user using the code snippet below.

// these parameters are optional
var params = {
  page: 1,
  per_page: 10

QB.content.list(params, function(err, data) {
  // ...

// equivalent of the above code
QB.content.list(function(err, data) {
  // ...

Upload file

Upload a file to the cloud storage using the following code snippet.

var input = document.querySelector("input[type=file]");
var file = input.files[0];

var params = {
  name: file.name,
  file: file,
  type: file.type,
  size: file.size,
  public: false // optional, "false" by default

QB.content.createAndUpload(params, function(err, response) {
  if (err) {
  } else {
    var uploadedFile = response;
    var uploadedFileId = response.id;

Download file by UID

If the file is public then it's possible to download it without a session token.

QB.content.getFile('file uid', function (err, file) {
  // ...

Get file URL

Except for downloading, you can also get URL of each file. There are two types of file URLs that can be obtained: private and public.

  • Public URL allows anyone to access the file, no authorization token is needed.
  • Private URL can be accessed only by QuickBlox user with a session token.

Get public URL

To receive a public URL, use the code snippet below.

var fileUID = 'file uid';

var fileUrl = QB.content.publicUrl(fileUID);

Get private URL

To get a private URL of the uploaded file, use the following code snippet.

var fileUID = 'file uid';

var fileUrl = QB.content.privateUrl(fileUID);

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Learn how to store and access files with QuickBlox file storage.

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