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QuickBlox provides powerful Chat API and SDK to add real-time messaging and video calls to your web and mobile apps. Learn how to integrate QuickBlox across multiple platforms.


Learn how to connect to the chat server and set connection settings.

Before you begin

  1. Register a QuickBlox account. This is a matter of a few minutes and you will be able to use this account to build your apps.
  2. Configure QuickBlox SDK for your app. Check out our Setup page for more details.
  3. Create a user session to be able to use QuickBlox functionality. See our Authentication page to learn how to do it.

Visit our Key Concepts page to get an overall understanding of the most important QuickBlox concepts.

Connect to Chat server

To connect to Chat server use the code snippet below.

var userCredentials = {
  userId: 4448514,
  password: "awesomepwd"

QB.chat.connect(userCredentials, function(error, contactList) {});

Disconnect from Chat server

Disconnect from the Chat server using the snippet below.


QB.chat.onDisconnectedListener = onDisconnectedListener;

function onDisconnectedListener() {


QuickBlox Chat runs over XMPP protocol. To receive messages in a real-time mode, the application should be connected to the Chat over XMPP protocol. The SDK can be reconnected to the Chat server when the connection is lost. The following 2 callbacks are used to track the state of the connection.

QB.chat.onDisconnectedListener = onDisconnectedListener;
QB.chat.onReconnectListener = onReconnectListener;

function onDisconnectedListener() {}

function onReconnectListener() {}

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Learn how to connect to the chat server and set connection settings.

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